Mix-IT One Shots


Bancook Fal Mix-It One Shot. A deliciuous blend of bananas, cookies, creams and sugar. Perfect fpr the sweet tooth vaper.
Breath time – 12 hours
Steep time – 4 weeks minimum
Shake at least once a week

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FaL Mix-It shots are our range of one shot concentrates. They include our entire range of pre made liquids and also a whole range of tantalising new flavours. All you need to do is purchase the FaL Mix-It one shot and add your required amount of vg and pg and nic, which are all avaliable from the Fal DIY section. FaL Mix-It shots are avaliable in 2 different concentrate percentages, 15% and 20%. This is Eliquid flavour concentrate and is not ready to vape. Steep times will vary from flavour to flavour.


250ml, 500ml, 1000ML


15%, 20%


Bancook, Banshees Cream, Bazookos Circus, Blotter Acid, Cotton Candy Goat, Dr Gonzo, Electric Snake, High Powered Mutant, Mojave, Too Rare To Die, Too Weird To Live, Apple And Blackberry BB, Black Cherry BB, Dragonfruit BB, Mint Choc Chip CS


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